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May 23 - November 3

Follow the North Star: Freedom in the Age of Mobility

‘Follow the North Star: Freedom in the Age of Mobility,’ an immersive, multi-media experience that brings to life the vibrant journey towards freedom across the African Diaspora. This captivating exhibition, curated by James E. Bartlett, invites you to explore the enduring allure and elusive nature of ‘freedom’ through a dynamic and interactive journey.

Embark on a historical adventure that spans transportation, the epic Great Migration, and the realms of Spirituality/Imagination. From the daring escapades of cowboys moving out West, to the creative explosions of the Harlem Renaissance, and beyond the shores of the United States in a quest for liberation, this exhibition showcases the myriad ways African Americans have navigated and transformed their realities in pursuit of freedom.

Featuring stories of folklore, storytelling, and metaphysical travel, ‘Follow the North Star’ offers three unique perspectives on the African American liberation journey. Discover the incredible tales of resilience, creativity, and determination that have defined the quest for freedom, from the Back-to-Africa Movements to the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and the imaginative realms of Afrofuturism.

Don’t miss this inspiring exhibition that celebrates the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of freedom in the age of mobility. Your journey awaits!