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Welcome to the International African American Museum! Advanced timed tickets are required for all visitors. Popular dates and times may be sold out.

Jun 07, 2023

BBC Travel Considers IAAM To Be the Most Anticipated Museum Opening in the U.S.

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After over two decades of planning, the long-awaited International African American Museum (IAAM) in Charleston, South Carolina, has announced its official opening date: June 27, 2023, just after Juneteenth. This monumental project holds a profound historical significance, tracing the timeline of African enslavement back to 300 BCE. Located at Gadsden’s Wharf, once a bustling hub of the slave trade, stands atop 18 stilts, symbolically avoiding direct contact with the ground as a tribute to the enslaved individuals who once walked those very lands. Inside its walls, a remarkable collection of artwork and historical artifacts narrate the harrowing story of the Middle Passage, during which millions of Africans were forcibly transported across the Atlantic. The IAAM stands as a powerful testament to preserving and sharing this crucial chapter of history.

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