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Jan 10, 2024

The Clotilda Descendants (Webinar)

Town plaque detailing the history of the Old Plateau Cemetery and its links to the enslaved Africans brought to Mobile, Alabama, onboard the Clotilda.

The Clotilda, often cited as the last known slave ship to bring captive Africans to the United States, has a significant place in American history. The Clotilda Descendants Association, an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the intricate history of the Clotilda and its profound impact on their community.

We were honored to host Jeremy Ellis, President of the Association and a direct descendant of Pollee and Rose Allen, alongside Altevese Rosario, Vice President and descendant of Cudjo Lewis, and William “Bill” Green, Treasurer and descendant of Osia and Innie Keeby.

These esteemed speakers delved into the narratives of their ancestors, exploring how these stories have profoundly influenced their identities and perspectives. Additionally, they discussed the significant effects of recent events on their community, shedding light on the ongoing journey of the Clotilda descendants.