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Aug 01, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. August John Majors’ Family Bible, NC, TN, KS and CA, Contributed by Samantha R. Hudson


What family is this Bible record for? : Mr. and Mrs. August John Majors’ Family Bible Record for the Wilkerson Branch of the Family
Please tell us the county and state the ancestors named in the Bible record are from. : Downey County, North Carolina; Murry County, Tennessee; Giles County, Tennessee; Burbon County, Kansas; and Los Angeles County, California
If you would like to share a story about your family or this Bible record, please type as little or as much as you like in this box. : PROVENANCE: This Bible was first owned by August John Majors and his wife Evelyn Nesbit Cash. It is believed to have been a gift from August’s father and mother, Calvin Majors and Mattie Wilkerson. Upon August’s death, the family record was maintained by his current wife, Pauline Butler. It was eventually passed down to August and Evelyn’s daughter, Helen Augustine Majors. Then passed on to Helen’s son, Roger Stanley Dollison. And, weeks before his death, Roger passed on the Bible to his eldest daughter, Samantha (Dollison) Hudson.

Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-1-of-9 Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-2-of-9 Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-3-of-9 Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-4-of-9-Bookmark-Found-in-Bible
Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-5-of-9 Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-6-of-9 Mr.-and-Mrs.-August-John-Majors-Family-Bible-Page-8-of-9