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Mar 18, 2024

Getting to Know FamilySearch (video)

Image of FamilySearch's African American records landing page

This webinar featured a panel of expert speakers who will guide attendees through the rich resources available on FamilySearch, with a focus on African American genealogy.

The panel provided insights on navigating and utilizing the platform’s collections and databases, highlighting specific tools and strategies tailored for researching African American ancestry.

Some of the stand-out new features discussed were:

  • Find Your African American Ancestors landing page via

  • 10 Steps to Reclaiming Your African Roots: A Guide to Navigating African American Genealogy (Adobe PDF) via

  • Find Results with Full-Text Search via The session aims to equip researchers with the knowledge and skills necessary to uncover their African American heritage using FamilySearch effectively.

Panelists: Thom Reed & Julia A. Anderson