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Feb 05, 2024

From Revolution to Valor: The Legacy of African Americans Military Service for the U.S.

Africans and African American men of the American Revolutionary War

The Center for Family History kicked off Black History Month 2024 with a webinar about the heroism and patriotism of African Americans in the military.

This conversation provides an in-depth and insightful journey into the pivotal, although frequently underappreciated, contributions of African Americans during the British American Colonial Period and the War of 1812.

Our esteemed panel engaged in a thorough exploration of their roles, the hardships they endured, and the profound influence they wielded in shaping the trajectory and principles of these seminal American conflicts. The discussion cast light on the tales of valor and perseverance of African American soldiers, offering a rich and layered perspective on their indispensable participation in America’s quest for independence and the formation of a national identity.

Panelists: Ric Murphy and Dr. Janice Lovelace

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