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Aug 27, 2017

Bible Record of Ben Jaman Thames, Sumter and Clarendon Counties, SC, Contributed by Shahidah Ahmad

Thames Family Bible 1

What family is this Bible record for? : Ben Jaman Thames
Please tell us the county and state the ancestors named in the Bible record are from. : (Sumter and/or Clarendon county) South Carolina
If you would like to share a story about your family or this Bible record, please type as little or as much as you like in this box. : This is the record left by and handwritten by my great great grandfather Ben Jaman Thames of South Carolina. He lived in or around Privateer township in Sumter, SC. His son Murray Thames kept care of it and he left it with his grandson Luqman Ahmad. _________ Main Page Transcription: “Ben Jaman” B.J. Thames (typed at top): First inside page of Bible, Father of Murray Thames, Grandfather of Margaret Thames… Hand written birthdates and time when Bible was purchased and the price that was paid. It READS: “B.J. Thames ???? Bible Bought in the year of the Lord 1889 For the Price of 425 Four Dollars and twenty five ct Sumter Ben Thames Ben Thames was Born This was wrote in the year of our Lord in 1891 MDCCCXC MDCCCXC Ben Jaman Thames Jr. May 12/91 (1891) Fredday Thames September 18/88 (1888) Ben Thames Cr (Senior) Dec(???) 24/69 (1869) ”

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Thames Family Bible 1 Thames Bible Photos 2 Thames Bible Photos 3 Thames Bible Photos 4