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Jul 26, 2018

Beaufort District, South Carolina Freedmen’s Labor Contracts, 1867, M-W

Hobonny Labor Contract Sample cropped

M 1910
Roll 60
Target 1
Labor Contracts for the Beaufort District, M-W


Hobonny Labor Contract Sample cropped


Source Citation

“South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865-1872,” images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Beaufort (subassistant commissioner) > Roll 60, Labor contracts for the Beaufort District, M-W, 1867 > image 8 of 166; citing NARA microfilm publication M1910 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).

You may view the document images for these abstracts here on FamilySearch.

Employer: Wm Middleton & B.T. Sellars
Hobonny Plantation
Date: March 26, 1867
John Federick
Abraham Brown
July Whiteford
York Prior
Frank Jenkins
Bess Ferguson
Cornelia Edwards
Judy Ladson
Chloe Singleton
Jane Singleton
Betty Chisolm
Betty Ladson
Soloman Ladson
Balinda Marion
Bashaba Marion
Matilla McBride
Hoscot Main
Catharine Prior
Boscobill Brown
Magdalin Lawrence
Nancy Jenkins
Lot Jenkins
Pompey Smith
Cretia White
Eliza Evan
Easau Conolly
Pender Fields
Ceasar Green
March Morgan
Prophet Main
Isaac McNeal
Ned Edwards
Sam Main
Sampson Morgan
Sue Hartly
Moriah Main
Bunch Chisolm
Sambo Heartly
Hamlin Williamson
Pompey Deas
Amey Cannoley
Caty Gathers
Daphne Brown
Franky Brown
Beck Fishburn
Yanally Green
Isaac Lawronce
Molly Powell
Rinah Glover
Carolina Watson
Mary Mc[illegible]
Toomer Brown
Moley Brown
Hager Perry
Selim White (Foreman)

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jany 28, 1867
Tom McGuire

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Date: Jany 28, 1867
Glasgow Merritt

Employer: Edward B. Means
Date: Feb 1867
Frank Heyward
Mary Heyward
Simon Smith
John Goldwine
Sukey Middleton
Neptune Gardner
Harriet Gardner
Robert Williams
Lucy Gibbes
William Gibbes
Hagar Small
Nell Bryan
Lucy Parker
Moll Pinckney
Hardtimes Snipes
J[illegible] Snipes
Emma Ladson
Grace Hill
James Parker
Prophet Bryan
Paul Lee
Ben Moultre
Harttimes Moutre
Nancy Goldwine

Employer: W.F. Maner
Date: 13 April 1867
Frederic Pelot and Family
Abram Cuyler and Family

Employer: W.F. Maner
Date: 7 Jany 1867
Simon & Laurence Adkins
Kate Martin
William King
Jack Green
Frank Shepton
Henry Cuyler
Robert Elijah
William Cuyler
C[illegible] Maner
James Gardner
William Heyward
Elic [Illegible]

Employer: James A. McCrea
Croft Place Plantation
St. Helena, S.C.
Date: Undated
Richard Haywood
Aaron P[illegible]
Admiral Bush
Antrim Croft
Dick Blagin
Rich’d Shepard
Will Boles
Hector Williamson
Dan’l Bush
Franklin Walker
Sam Grant

Employer: Maria Pinckney – freedwoman
Plantation at Port Royal Ferry
Date: Janry 1, 1867
Jake Polite
Jake Polite Jr.
Gilbert Polite
Limus Stuart
Katy Stuart
Robert Pinkny

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Date: Jany 28, 1867
Andrew Potter

Employer: Miss M.M. Perry
Woodlawn, S.C.
Date: April 1, 1867
Jim Gadsden
Amelia Gadsden
Margret Gadsden
Dorcus Chisolm
Isaac Stuart
Sammy Fraser
Richard Mack
Tyrah Mack
Maria Singleton
Charlotte Robertson
John Proctor
Simon Proctor
Friday Alston
June Middleton
Bella Sanders
Captain Middleton
[Illegible]ncey Middleton
Isaiah Goodin
Cloe Goodin
Bram Washington
Hannah Washington
June Small
Peggy Small
Harriet Bedison
William Washington
Julie Washington
Paul Motin Stobo
Emma Stobo
Hurcules Middleton

Employer: John H. Roberts
Mount Hope Plantation
Roberdsville, S.C.
Date: Undated
Hamilton Singleton
Ned Williams
[Illegible] Dutart
[Illegible] Brantley
Binah Brantley
Milton Addison
Amy Addison
Silar Deveaux
Cresia Deveaux
Hester Deveaux
Julia Green
Lizzy Green
Nancy Rhodes
Hannah A[illegible]

Employer: John H. Roberts
Pleasant Hill Plantation
Date: Undated
Ben James
William Singleton
Hector Wright
Ned Fall[illegible]
Larry Fall[illegible]
Ben Fall[illegible]
Da[illegible] Fall[illegible]
Mayra Fall[illegible]
Ralph Cuyla
Edmond Wright
March Bo[illegible]
Carolin Bo[illegible]
Susan Bo[illegible]
Calton Bo[illegible]
Celia Gard[illegible]
Faust Lowan

Employer: J.C. Rundlett
Date: March 1, 1867
James Brown

Employer: J.C. Rundlett
Date: May 6, 1867
Richard Roberts

Employer: J.C. Rundlett
Date: April 27, 1867
Moses Bryant

Employer: J.C. Rundlett
Date: April 9, 1867
Jacob Laurence

Employer: J.C. Rundlett
Date: April 22, 1867
Hardy Phelps

Employer: T.C. Randolph
Myrtle Bush Plantation
Port Royal Island, So.Ca.
Date: Febr 2, 1867
June Green
James Edwards
Nancy Jenkins
Peter Rivers
Henry Singleton
Minty Small
Lidia West
Moll Garrett
Isreal Haywood
Ceser Johnston
Nanny Polite
Jimmy White
Jacob Singleton
Sam Dobson
Bill Smith
George Smith
George Smith Jr.
Danile Smith
Chas Byreson
George Haywood

Employer: W.J. Randolph
Street Plantation
Port Royal Island, South Carolina
Date: 9 February 1867
Freedmen: No. of acres
Toby Polite Ten
Robin Bryan Eight
Ben Atkins Four
Sam Mack Five
Jacob Scott Three 1/2
Sampson Gilliard Eight
Ben Joiner Eight
Wm Guyson Eight
Moses Brown Five
Cain Jenkins Jr. Three
Jacob Simmonds Seven
Milly Simmonds Six
Rachal White Three
James [Illegible] Three
Chloe Petigrue Three
Nelly Days Three
Jessy Bright
Jerry Wright

Employer: Henry E. Solomons
Near Mathews Bluff, S.C.
Date: 29 Dec 1866
Tamps Solomons
Richmond Lawton
Moses Solomons
Andrew Solomons
Cephas Solomons
Stephen Solomons
Amos Solomons
Mordica Solomons
Isaac Solomons
Henry Thomson [crossed out]
Robin Solomons
Henry Williams
Joe Solomons
Samuel Daniles
Charles Solomons [crossed out]
Paul & Jackson (Boys)

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Date: Jany 28, 1867
Philip Shines

Employer: T.H. Spann
Date: June 27, 1867
Littleton Green
Patty Green
Die Green
Fibby Bonapart
Maurice Pinckney
Manuel White
Adam Riley
William Riley
Bill Riley
John Riley
Fanny Riley
Jane Ellen Moore
Rachael Johnson
Stepney Bedon
Molly Williams
Thadeus Sumter
Daphne Sumter
Becky Sumter
Stepny Sumter
Adam Wilson
Dolly Wilson
Hagar Manigolt
Rachael Virginia
Betty Virginia
Moses Virginia
Cuffy Stuart
Cinda Stuart
Jenny Stuart
Mat Heyward
Kezie Heyard
Rose Singleton
Antony Tyler
Beck Tyler
Sue Cockrum
Frank Barnwell
Cloe Barnwell
Maryann Barnwell
Antony Barnwell
Rebecca Maxwell

Employer: S. Smith
Date: 10 Jany 1867
London Roberts
his son Harry

Employer: Southwood Smith
Pasachula, S.C.
Date: 7 Jany 1867
London Roberts
Andre Maner
Daniel ROberts
Edmun Stephens
Venus Black

Employer: John Screven & Ferd Thomas F. Screven
Ferry Plantation on the Savannah River
Date: 4 March 1867
Agrippa Goodall
Sandy Small
John Jackson
Cyrus Shingleton
Peter Butler
Gabriel Huger
Hercules Maxwell
George Oliver
Cupid Harris
Patsy Oliver
Jesse Gaskin
Nijah Jackson
Garrick Nelson
Jonas Brown
Bradley Habersham
Sue Small
Tias Campbell
Boson William
Jonas Maxwell
Adam Douglass
Tim Holmes
Elsy Anderson
Binah Anderson
Binah Anderson
Nancy Pinckney
Lizzie Grant
Sukey Clark
Andrew Bee
Elias Relf
Venus White
Grace Butler
Martha Bolin
Louisa Harris
Bella Relf
Claudia Hall
Fanny Gaskin
Diana Minis
Sue Small [crossed out]
Riley Austerman
Quash Wetson

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jany 28, 1867
Joab Seam

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jany 28, 1867
Wallis Scott

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jan 28, 1867
Joe Small

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jan 28, 1867
William Simmons & family

Employer: L.W.M. Shad
New River Plantation
Date: Feb 27, 1867
Edward Pollow
Sarah Brass
John Reily
Edward Williams
Anthony Small
Randy Writh
Tom Johnson
Jim McGee
Prince Revers
Stepny Bried
Bluff Saunders
Bob Guvan
Harry Small
Dembo Bennett
Sandy Alex
Semion Drayton
[Illegible]ius Haskill
Jim Barnard
Jacob Bennett
Jim Brown
Johnson River
York Thin

Employer: E.B. Sawtell
Cedar Grove & LIttle Island Plantations
Port Royal Island, S.C.
Date: March 23, 1867
Shadwell Blook
Joe Caudy
John Caudy
James Barnwell
Pompey Lewis
Peter Fyall
Simon Dunn
John Perry
Moses Brown
Lazarus Hayward
Isaac Hamilton
Amelia Singleton
Chrisstie Green
Joe Hayward
Clarinda Baker
Betty Jackson
Prince Jenkins
Caesar Green
Paul King

Employer: H.M. Stuart Senr.
Pages Point Planatation
Date: Undated
Sancho Jenkins
Liddy Jenkins
Amelia Brooks
Sarah Simons
Christianna Brooks
Emeline Robertson
Abraham Brooks
Tyra McKnight
Joan McKnight

Employer: Charles C. Patrick
Middleton Stuart Plantation
Date: Febr 5, 1867
Fay Crawford
Cuffie Heywood
Robin Marshall
Jack McKnight
Primas Green
Richard Howard
Jerry Anderson
Watson Walker
Dolly Grant
Jefry Green
Eas[illegible] Kitson
Betsy Mack
Albert Fripp
Thomas Barnwell
Toney Parkham
Martha Green

Employer: Benjamin Williams
Hall’s Island, S.C.
Date: March 1, 1867
Bickum Jenkins
Sam Eavens
Adam Chisolm
Toby Washington
Susan Fell
Jack Colinton
Nelley Tatson
Camey Alston
January Alston
Tenea Fell
Patience Grant
Charlott Reed
Judy Winthrop
Judy Legree
Affey Legree

Employer: William Wright
Date: Janry 1, 1867
Peter Stokes
Rhody Stokes
Hampton Stokes
Micheal Bowers
Herriot Bowers

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jan 28, 1867
Charles Wilkins

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jany 28, 1867
William Watson

Employer: O.P. Wilson
Date: Janry 7, 1867
Harry Carolina
Scipion Carolina
Phebee Carolina
Carolina Carolina
William Jones
August Hutson
James Kane
Susan Kane
Isaac Fereby
[Illegible] Heape
Louisa Cooper
Green Rakes
Henry Whitlock
Charlotte Whitlock
Selah Trowell
[Illegible]llah Cane

Employer: A.S. Barnwell
Delta Plantation
Date: Jan 28, 1867
William Young