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Dec 18, 2017

AncestryDNA Ethnicity and DNA Relatives


I had submitted a DNA sample to 23andMe years ago, and I again in August 2017 wanted to submit my DNA to be tested by AncestryDNA. With the DNA cousin matches on, I can answer some of the questions about missing ancestors.

DNA Test Kit

I know that with all the family tree information that I put on I will have people to match up to if they have also have taken AncestryDNA. Hopefully, not only will they have another way of matching up to me, but we will also be able to answer some questions from both our family trees.

 I activated the AncestryDNA kit and gathered the DNA:

I had to enter my kit number onto the AncestryDNA website so would be able to identify which kit was mine. This was done by logging into the personal account for and carefully inputting the number from the vial.


I carefully filled the vial with saliva and put the cap on closing it tightly. I began thinking about the people who had asked me about my account and if I had taken the DNA with them. It would be something they would be interested in me getting back as well.


This seemed like another important DNA event. With 23andMe, I made over 1,200 DNA relatives and friends. Now I would be making more with AncestryDNA. We would be tied by family tree, and tied by DNA that cannot lie.


You can see my status has changed to “received” on August 24th, and so I figure the best thing I can do is work on my family tree. By adding as much as I can to my family tree, it will be that much more ready for DNA relatives that I match up with. I have to wait a total of 6-8 weeks!


Sharpen the Saw

Would you share when you submitted your DNA? What things passed through your mind? Who did you know would be interested in your results? Let us know in our Facebook Group!