Suzanne DiBella

Suzanne DiBella has been in the museum field for nearly a decade. Prior to joining the International American Museum team, she spent much of that time at the Manchester Historic Association in Manchester, New Hampshire. She moved to Charleston in 2017, and most recently served as the Museum Curator for the South Carolina Historical Society. As Registrar of the Museum, Suzanne works within our curatorial department to help care for the museum’s permanent collection as well as both incoming and outgoing traveling exhibits.

Suzanne received a BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Race, Culture and Power Studies from the University of New Hampshire as well as a MA in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. She is passionate about the responsibility she feels museums have to tell the stories of all people. “By highlighting the journeys of African Americans, museums have an opportunity to serve their communities not only as places of healing and learning, but as places to showcase hope, resilience, and joy while telling stories that often get left untold,” she said. Suzanne has two children, Dominic and Serena. In her spare time, she coaches Serena’s soccer team, and enjoys reading, hiking, and cooking.