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Oct 31, 2023

The Autopsy of Slavery & the Bible Recap

Dr. Edward Lee Johnson, Sr.’s work delves into a deeply impactful and historically rooted issue that has had profound implications for African American communities and society at large. His book, “The Autopsy of Slavery & the Bible,” seems to offer a critical examination of the relationship between the institution of slavery and its ties to religious narratives, particularly within the context of the Bible.

By addressing the concept of “chattel slavery” and its connections to the Bible, Dr. Johnson, Sr. likely illuminates the ways in which historical interpretations of religious texts have influenced and justified oppressive systems, perpetuating the trauma associated with the transatlantic slave trade. His emphasis on the resulting racial divide serves to underscore the lasting impact of this historical injustice on contemporary societal dynamics.

During his discussion at the International African American Museum, organized by our Faith-Based team, Dr. Johnson, Sr. likely advocated for a path forward that involves acknowledging the deep-seated historical wounds and actively working towards healing and reconciliation.It’s possible that he proposed strategies or frameworks for fostering a more inclusive and equitable society, emphasizing the importance of understanding history in order to move forward collectively.

The community’s overwhelming turnout and active participation at the event indicate the resonance of Dr. Johnson, Sr.’s work and the significance of the topics he addressed. The engagement with his ideas and perspectives can serve as a catalyst for fostering meaningful conversations and actions within the community, potentially leading to greater awareness and progress in addressing racial and historical injustices.

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