We strive to honor the contributions of African Americans to building our country and the world, the site where thousands of Africans arrived and many died, to tell important stories, and promote compassion and empathy among all people.

The International African American Museum (IAAM) tells the story of a journey that began more than 300 years ago when enslaved Africans were first taken from West Africa to our young nation.  Almost half of them arrived at a single port: Charleston, SC.  Gadsden’s Wharf was the primary point of arrival.  It is the site for this museum which will tell the story of this journey: the passage, cruelty, hardship, joy, and achievement.  A Center for Family History will enable visitors to trace their genealogy.  A comprehensive education program will provide life-long learning, and there will be changing exhibitions and special events throughout the year.

The IAAM is projected to open its doors late 2021.

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