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Nov 21, 2023

Nurses, Matrons, Laundresses, and Cooks: Black Women and Their Role in the Civil War (On-Demand Webinar)

Angela Walton Raji

Although the exact numbers are not known, several thousand African American women served in the capacity of nurses and matrons during the Civil War. Through carded service records, one can find the names of 20,000 women who served in the Union Army. The women came from all classes and backgrounds. They served in some campsites, but many served in hospitals established as conditions warranted them. This webinar examined the role of African American Women in the Civil War and their roles in various hospitals, campsites, and medical units in the Civil War.

One of the most riveting parts of this illuminating conversation covered the pension application process for these women who served in the army. Angela Walton-Raji conveyed the depths of the barriers this special group of women faced when applying for their service pensions.

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