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May 20, 2024

How To Tell & Write Your Family History Stories (webinar)

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We heard from new and experienced award-winning family history authors in this panel discussion. We dove into the rich and often challenging journey of exploring family ancestry through storytelling.

The authors shared their personal discoveries, highlighting surprising revelations and historical connections found in their family histories. They discussed the challenges faced in research, from accessing scarce records to navigating cultural differences. The panel also offered insights into storytelling techniques, balancing factual accuracy with narrative engagement, and addressed the emotional impact of uncovering one’s roots.

The panel’s experienced authors provided practical advice for aspiring writers and discussed ethical considerations in narrating real-life family stories.

Panelist: Darius Brown, Donya Williams & Bernice Bennett.

Books by Bernice Bennett:

Books by Donya Williams:

Books by Darius Brown:

Books by Brian Sheffey:

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