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Nov 29, 2018

Georgetown, South Carolina Freedmen’s Hospital, Daily Register of Patients, May – June 1867

Georgetown Hospital Sample 2

Microfilm Publications
Roll 78, Target 3
Daily Register of Patients
Volume (201)
May–June 1867

Georgetown, S.C.


Georgetown Hospital Sample 2


Source Citation

“South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865-1872,” images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Georgetown (hospital) > Roll 78, Daily register of patients, May-Jun 1867 > image 1 of 38; citing NARA microfilm publication M1910 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).

These records were abstracted by Alana Thevenet.

You may view images of the original documents here on FamilySearch.

Morning Report May 1, 1867
[The same names appear on the register for
2 May and 3 May 1867.]

Freedmans Hospital near Georgetown, S.C.
Name; Complaint
Chas. Kershaw Anasarca
John Smith Cataract
Lou Richardson Hernia
Ceasar Dey Chronic Ulcer
Jim Dorsy Hernia
Frances Dey Intermit
Sarah McCray Blind
Moses McCray Blind
Tenah McCray Debility
Parker Ford Old & infirm
Elisha Eddy Chron. Ulcer
Rena Laurence Scrofula
Ben Laurence Debility
Maria Richardson Old & infirm
Eliza Cook Abcess
Mary Ann Cook Debility
Becky Martin Rheumatism
Binah Merrit Debility
Caroline Cook Debility
Julia Cook Debility
Rebecca Cook Debility
Delia Thompson G.S. Wnd.
Katy Bowen Debiity
Jane Legett Epilespy
Susan Legett Debility
J.S. Rogers white Chron. Ulcer
Julian Thompson Anasarca
Bedy Thompson Intermit
Martha Thompson In[illegible]. Remit
Beck Fraser Debility
Neptune Fraser Debility
Margt. Fraser Debility
Martha Johnson Scrofula
Hannah Cohen Spinal affection
Peggy Thurston Insane
Sally Atkinson Debility
Willy D[illegible] Debility
Elsey Harvey Anasarca
John Reese Fracture Femur
Hardtimes McCall Amuptation leg
Washington Frowart Anasarca
Sharper Washington Bind
Eseau Bossard Epilepsy
Orange Barefoot Old & infirm
Matilla Ramsey Syphillis
Drucilla Rose Chron. Ulcer
Cornelia Gardner Do.
Rose B[illegible] Curvature spine

May 5-7, 1867
[The same names as above appeared on the register.
Therefore, only the new names were transcribed.]
Name Diseases
Katy Brown Debility
Amaretta Thompson Debility
Hestr Haynes Debility

[Only the new names were transcribed.]
May 8, 1867
Name Diseases
Gilbert Fayall Chron. Ulcer

[Only the new names were transcribed.]
May 9-10, 1867
Name Diseases
Phobe Dusaint Rheumatism

Freedmans Hospital near Georgetown, S.C.
Prescription Book, D[illegible] Book
12-18 May 1867
J.S. Rogers
Julian Thompson
Becky Thompson
Martha Thompson
Beck Fraser
Neptune Fraser
Margt. Fraser
Martha Johnson
Hannah Cohen
Peggy Thurston
Lucy Atkinson
Willy Dennsion
Elsey Harvey
John Ruse
Hardtimes McCall
Washington Frowart
Sharper Washington
Essau Bossard
Orange Barefoot
Drucilla Rose
Cornelia Gardiner
Rose Brogda
Chas. Kershaw
Jno. Smith
Lou Richardson
Ceasar Dey
Jim Dorsey
Frances Dey
Sarah McCray
Moses McCray
Tenah McCray
Parker Ford
Elisha Eddy
Rena Laurence
Ben Laurence
Maria Richardson
Eliza Cook
Mary Ann Cook
Beckey Mention
Bina Merrit
Caroline Cook
Julia Cook
Rebecca Cook
Julia Thompson
Katy Brown
Jane Legitt
Susan Legitt
Amaritta Thompson
Hester Haynes
Gilbert Fayall
Pheobe Dusaint
Henry Vaughn
Tom Conyers
Rose Allston
Sylvia Grayson

19-25 May 1867
[The same names as above appear on the list. Only
the new names were transcribed.]
Marthy Thompson
Unity Palmer
Buddy Palmer
Laura Palmer
Dinah Sherman
Cain Saxby
Sarah Ann Rowell
W.M. Rowell

26 May-1 June 1867
[The same names as from the 12-18 May 1867 list appear
on this list. Only the new names were transcribed.]
the new names were transcribed.]
Cinthe Magrath
Abraham Easterling
Ebenezer Rahmes
Jno. J. Rhames
Thomas Allston
Sarah Waterman
Robt Waterman
Prince Pyatt
Becky Ash
Joshua Ash
Caleb Ash

2-8 June 1867
[The same names as from the 12-18 May 1867 list appear
on this list. Only the new names were transcribed.]
the new names were transcribed.]
Tyra Ferguson
Simon Trowell
Luke Richardson
Rebecca Richardson
Ned Richardson
Wm. Richardson