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Apr 30, 2018

Found on FamilySearch: Slave and Free Persons of Color Records, Tyrell County, NC, 1793-1868

Sample Image, Slave and free persons of color records, Tyrell County, NC, 1793-1868

FamilySearch has digitized Slave and Free Persons of Color Records, Tyrell County, NC, 1793-1868. The microfilm can be accessed via the FamilySearch catalog here

The microfilm contains a compendium of records concerning enslaved and free African Americans in Tyrell County. Contents of the microfilm are:

    • Account of hire of slaves, 1843;
    • Action in equity re slaves, Nathan Milam [et al.] vs. Caleb Watkins [et al.], 1862;
    • Agreement re division of slaves of Mary Wilson, 1803;
    • Bills of sale, 1779, 1790-1804, 1833;
    • Civil actions re slaves, 1805, 1819, 1827;
    • Conveyance and reconveyance of slaves, 1811-1812;
    • Criminal actions re slaves and free persons of color, 1801-1870;
    • Deeds of gift, 1779-1814;
    • Divisions and sales of slaves, 1837-1864, no date;
    • Emancipation bonds, 1806, 1811;
    • Grand jury request that free men of color be called to testify in criminal matter, no date;
    • Obligatory bonds for delivery of slaves to sheriff, 1834, 1841;
    • Pass, 1856;
    • Patrollers, 1814-1845, no date;
    • Permit for free man of color to carry firearms, no date;
    • Relinquishment of title to slaves, 1794, 1806, 1811;
    • Testimony of Dr. Henry J. Macon re death of slave in jail, 1854;
    • Writ of replevin, 1862

To access the microfilm, click on the camera icon to the right of the microfilm description, as in the example below:

Example St Helenas Register

Sample Image

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