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Aug 26, 2017

Finley Family Bible, Charleston and Beaufort, SC, Contributed by Akosua Moore

Akosua Moore Bible P2

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Abstract from contributor Akosua Moore:

[Presented to Ms. Janie M. Finley by Mrs. Neptune R. Finley]


Juanita M. Rivers

John R. Finley


Clara Finley

Janie Marie Finley

Moses C [Christopher] Finley

? [Said to be Harriet, Lucinda’s daughter]

McKnight [I am trying to figure out the McKnight name. The family has always said her name was Harriet but that is not what the Bible says]

Neptune L. [Lucinda] Simmons [I don’t know why Neptune’s name was put there. The L. is for Lucinda. She was his daughter]


Nepton R. Finley was Marry to Dorcas in 1864

John R. Finley was Mary to Mary Jane 

John A. Finley was Mary to Florence 

Juanita Rivers

Janie Tolbert 

Jean and Joan Finley


Father N. [Neptune] R. [Rocklaw] Finley

Father Charles Finley

Benjamin Tolbert

Rosa Lee Deekle

Akosua Moore Bible Cover Akosua Moore Bible on Table Akosua Moore Bible P1 Akosua Moore Bible P2


Akosua Moore Bible P3 Akosua Moore Bible P4 Akosua Moore Bible P5 Akosua Moore Bible Side View


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