IAAM Exhibition Galleries

Inside the Museum

The exhibitions at the IAAM will use groundbreaking research to inform cutting-edge exhibit techniques, bringing historical events to life.

The exhibition features eight distinct chapters that guide visitors through the African American story. Visitors begin in West Africa in the 17th century, and end with the formation of new African American communities in the 21st century.

Exhibition Themes Include

  • Africa & the Atlantic World
  • Plantation Labor & Rice Culture
  • Urban Life & Skilled Labor
  • Survival & Resistance
  • War & Emancipation
  • Building a Free Community
  • Community, Diaspora, Voice
  • National Culture, International Influence
  • Changing Exhibit Gallery
  • Family Hertiage DNA
  • Educational Curriculum

A digital wall backdrops the permanent exhibition, featuring stunning large-scale film, imagery, and life-sized interactive encounters with contemporary figures.

Students will be engaged through historically recreated environments, at a level of experience not possible in classrooms or traditional museums. Additional spaces include a multi-purpose community room, gift shop, and a multimedia theater featuring signature films commissioned for IAAM.